TSC Successfully Completes SJ350H Hydraulic Jacking System Trials

In May 2018, Zhengzhou TSC Offshore Equipment Co., Ltd. (“Zhengzhou TSC”), a subsidiary of TSC Group Holdings Limited (“TSC”), successfully completed jacking trials for the SJ350H hydraulic jacking system.

This SJ350H hydraulic jacking system was developed for Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (DJHC) to be installed on the new built DJHC8009 self-propelled multifunctional service platform. The DJHC8009 is a high-end liftboat designed by Shanghai Jiahao Engineering Design Co., Ltd., which would be used for support services to oil drilling platforms. The SJ350H jacking system is a high capacity hydraulic driven jacking system with a safe working load jacking capacity of 160 tons and storm holding capacity of 315 tons. Its jacking speed is up to 1 meter per minute, and jacking speed of legs can reach 1.5 meters per minute.

The jacking trials included preload test, maximum variable jacking load test, jacking speed test as well as a test of jacking up to top of legs. The entire jacking trial process went smoothly and met all ABS class requirements and technical agreement requirements. The performance of the jacking system met all expectations of the ship-owner and was highly commended by the jacking master.

This is a second shipset of SJ350H jacking systems supplied by TSC to DJHC. The first ship set of SJ350H jacking system was supplied to DJHC a year ago and was installed on liftboat DJHC8008. The DJHC8008 completed jacking trials in November 2017 and the Liftboat is now operating well in the Abu Dhabi area. TSC’s jacking systems continue to be established as a reliable and dependable high performance jacking system for advanced applications on high specification Liftboats.
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