TSC OGS Successfully Listed on NEEQ

On July 19th, 2016, TSC Group Holdings Limited (“TSC”) subsidiary, TSC Oil and Gas Services Holdings Ltd. (“TSC OGS”) successfully listed onto the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (“NEEQ”). The company is traded under the stock code of 837290 and transferred by agreement.

TSC OGS completed its listing application on April 19th, 2016, after ten months of dedicated effort. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of its employees and external parties, the company was successfully listed on NEEQ today, three months later. Today marks a significant day as TSC OGS has officially entered Mainland China’s capital market.

The successful listing enables TSC OGS to accelerate its high speed development with regard to market expansion, business growth and strategic cooperation. Moreover, TSC OGS will look to leverage the listing to further enhance its operational efficiency and business management. The NEEQ listing will provide a new platform for financing the company’s high growth period in the next few years.

TSC OGS is the spun off division from TSC Group. As a new business group, it will focus on oilfield services as well as both onshore and offshore businesses. TSC OGS will leverage its current MRO supply and service business as well as the key equipment manufacturing for shale oil/gas E&P activities and expand the business into other oilfield service areas. Supported by the capital market in China, TSC OGS will be able to grow to a leading oil & gas services provider offering targeted and tailor-made services to the offshore & onshore exploration development. TSC OGS will offer its customers superior services and solutions through its innovative business model, amid the new normal of low oil prices.

【ABOUT TSC OGS】TSC OGS is a NEEQ listed company based in Qingdao, China. The company’s main business includes the manufacturing and supply and services of maintenance, repair and operation (“MRO”) expendables for the oil and gas industries. It also invests certain oil and gas properties in the North America. TSC OGS has manufacturing facilities, service and sales offices located in China, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Dubai and Russia.

【ABOUT TSC】TSC, a HKEx main board listed company, specializes in the engineering, manufacturing and assembly of high-end offshore equipment and packages for all types offshore rigs world-wide. TSC provides versatile offshore infrastructure solutions for global offshore oil & gas exploration and development, including offshore rigs, production platforms, intervention platforms, accommodation platforms, plug and abandonment, decommissioning platforms as well as other offshore infrastructures.
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