Sheer endeavour deserved win, TSC wins contract form QGOG and G&T

  •  QGOG Olinda Star Moonpool Equipment Modifications
In July 2017 TSC Engineering Limited (UK) and TSC Offshore Ltd (Brazil) working together, successfully secured an Upgrade and refurbishment contract for the Moon Pool Equipment on-board the Olinda Star Semi-submersible drilling rig belonging to Olinda Star Ltd, a 100% owned subsidiary of QGOG. The contract value is approximately USD1.4M.  Based on the requirements from QGOG, TSC completed a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study and report, followed by a design modification package and provided the most practical and cost-effective solution to meet the client’s needs.

TSC have a long history of designing and delivering tailor made solutions for QGOG , have previously supplied Deck Cranes and extensive Handling Packages to the Olinda Star, Gold Star, Lone Star, Alpha Star and Atlantic Star which are all Offshore Deepwater Semi-submersible Drilling Rigs operating within Brazilian waters.

【About QGOG】
Queiroz Galvao Oil and Gas (QGOG) are the market-leading providers of oil and gas drilling and FPSO services and the largest drilling contractor in Brazil, they are one of the ten largest drilling companies globally.

  •  G&T Deck Crane Engineered Components
In August 2017 TSC Engineering Limited (UK) working with TSC Offshore Corporation (Houston) was awarded a contract from G&T Resources (Europe) Ltd for the supply of engineered components and Deck Crane Spare Parts, Gantries, Boom sections and Winches, with value of multi million dollars and the materials will be delivered in three stages, which will be utilized by G&T Oilfield and Offshore Services Pvt Ltd a related company to G&T Resources (Europe) Ltd to carry out upgrades and repairs on the ONGC Platforms NM, NP, SD, SE, SF, SB, SP and HRA.

The contract is a significant win for TSC Engineering Limited which is a large milestone potentially leading to further opportunities within the India Oil and Gas Industry.

【About ONGC】
‘ONGC’ Oil and Natural Gas Corporation is the largest producer of crude oil and natural gas in India, contributing around 70 per cent of Indian domestic production. See

【About G&T and GTTE】
G&T Resources (Europe) Ltd are a UK based company and related company to G&T Total Energy Services Pvt. Ltd. (GTTE) and are recognized in-country representatives of globally renowned Manufacturers and Suppliers of quality Equipment and Services to the Oil & Natural Gas and Marine Industries within India. GTTE is a Private Limited Company, headquartered in New Delhi with Branch Offices at Mumbai. GTTE is managed by a group of professionals having an accumulative Industry – specific experience of several decades in the Oil & Natural Gas as well as Marine Sectors.
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